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Remembered Today:

'Access to Research' Journals etc from Libraries

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Just discovered this free resource available from Participating Libraries in UK.

Subjects include art, architecture, business, engineering, history, languages, politics, philosophy, mathematics and the sciences.

A search for 'First World War' brought up 238,808 results and 'WWI' 2,583. As an example 'Artillery WWI' brings up 69 results.

811 results for aircraft "first world war"

As examples of fantastic titles how about:

Why was the Red Baron's Fokker Painted Red? Decoding the Way Aeroplanes Were Painted in the First World War. 2001

'Soil development on the WWI battlefield of Verdun, France. 2008'

Geomechanics stability assessment of World War I military excavations at the Canadian National Vimy Memorial Site, France. 2007.

Gas! Gas! Quick, Boys! How Chemistry Changed the First World War. 2013.

Some articles are abstracts only, others full text, online e-readers, or downloadable. For unknown reasons some ask for payment.

Browse all Journals page

Hope the links work, will check later.


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