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H.M.S. "Eden."

WHITFIELD, WILLIAM GEORGE Cook's Mate 2nd Class M/16855 Royal Navy 17/06/1916


H.M.S. "Surprise."

ACTON, CHARLES EDWARD Leading Seaman J/4297 Royal Navy 23/12/1917

FRANCIS, H A Stoker 1st Class K/15429 ALIAS 23/12/1917 Unknown

GREY, STEPHEN ARTHUR Stoker 1st Class K/15429 Royal Navy 23/12/1917 (Served as FRANCIS, H.A.).

GATES, THOMAS HENRY Stoker 1st Class K/36916 Royal Navy 23/12/1917

211th Sqdn.

ATKINSON, WALTER JAMES Aircraftman 1st Class J38558 Royal Air Force 13/07/1918

PARTRIDGE, HENRY MEARS Serjeant 317264 Royal Air Force 25/07/1918

H.M.S. "Hindustan."

BATT, E A Private PO/9317 Royal Marine Light Infantry 23/04/1918

O'SULLIVAN, D Private CH/21243 Royal Marine Light Infantry 23/04/1918

H.M. Motor Launch "424."

BAXTER, JOSEPH EDWARD Deck Hand 13667/DA Royal Naval Reserve 23/04/1918

H.M.S. "Tornado."

BOOTON, J T Able Seaman 183679 Royal Navy 23/12/1917

BOUCHER, WILLIAM ROBERT Stoker 1st Class K/29924 Royal Navy 23/12/1917

CORNES, JOSEPH GUINEY Ordinary Seaman J/63192 Royal Navy 23/12/1917

MORLAND, ARTHUR Leading Seaman J/7671 Royal Navy 23/12/1917

MILLER, ROBERT GEORGE Ordinary Seaman J/56044 Royal Navy 23/12/1917

ROWLES, C B Stoker 1st Class K/16733 Royal Navy 23/12/1917

214th Sqdn.

FLETCHER, EDWARD CORSTON Second Lieutenant Royal Air Force 22/08/1918

204th Sqdn.

GRAHAM, GEORGE WILSON Lieutenant Royal Air Force 13/07/1918

204th Sqdn. 61st Wing

MESHAM, JAMES HERBERT Lieutenant Royal Air Force 13/07/1918

H.M.S. "North Star."

HENNIKER, ERNEST EDWARD Leading Seaman 183726 Royal Navy 23/04/1918

H.M.S. "Torrent."

BRANNIGAN, J R Signal Boy J/50417 Royal Navy 23/12/1917

PAUL, J Able Seaman SS/4022 Royal Navy 23/12/1917

SAYER, A G R Able Seaman J/21221 Royal Navy 23/12/1917

H.M.S. "Hogue."

BROWN, HENRY AUGUSTUS Able Seaman 206254 Royal Navy 22/09/1914


BUCKLEY, ERIC JAMES KERSHAW Flight Sub-Lieutenant Royal Naval Air Service 28/09/1917

H.M.S. "Cleopatra."

SHORROCKS, R Private PLY/15367 Royal Marine Light Infantry 04/08/1916

Bedfordshire Regiment 8th Bn.

WALKER, J Private 16092 Bedfordshire Regiment 17/11/1915

I am intending to visit all the Dutch cemetaries that I post during the year 2005 if not earlier. If there any request....


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The graves for men from ships like Hogue, North Star, Surprise etc would be for bodies that washed ashore.

Best wishes,


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Hi Michael,

I would assume so as the Zeeland coast strechtes from the Belgium border up to Rotterdam. In one of my other posting there were more navy men listed that had washed up. Also in another posting there was mention of dutch trawlers and tugs bring in bodies and wounded.


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