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John carrig

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Hi All

I am looking for any help or suggestions anyone might have, i have found an unknown member of my family and am looking to trace him, can anyone identify the uniform and cap badge he is wearing? bit of a long shot i know....... more than likely would have been an Irish Regiment

thank you

John Carrig post-110223-0-03884600-1406457071_thumb.

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I just looked up a name I was given by a family member would this be the man in the photo. (Name: James Carrig

Birth Date: 15 Oct 1897

Enlistment Date: 4 Aug 1915

Division: Royal Marine Light Infantry: Plymouth Division

Register Number: 18304

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Not wearing that uniform, do you have any other names to go on? A quick search of the MICs on ancestry only gives a handful of 'Carrig's' and alas none with the South Staffordshires, this may suggest that he didn't serve overseas on so didn't qualify for medal entitlement.

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Thanks everyone going to do a bit more digging and see can I find anything else from family

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