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Richer Dust - A Gallipoli Story by Stanton Hope

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Many thanks for bringing this to the forum’s attention

I thoroughly agree with the review of ‘Richer Dust’ – very detailed, realistic and believable.

I have a feeling that there was perhaps a little more to the title than the words from Brooke’s poem. One point which the writer makes is the all pervading dust which must have been such an annoying and tiresome feature of the peninsular during the summer months; the result of the sea breezes driving to and fro the dry soil and sand from the numerous trenches, dug-outs and various earthworks. Brooke did not survive to experience the peculiar conditions on Gallipoli and his reference (anyway written in Nov/Dec 1914) must have been to the scriptural ‘Ashes to Ashes - Dust to Dust’ however it turned out to be very prophetic!

Regarding the Turkish book; I have not seen this and will keep a look out for it.

I feel that the reviewer was a little hard, picking on the writer’s use of names for the beaches. I can quite understand that from a Turkish point of view ‘V’ Beach is not part of Seddulbahir and that his reference to row boats in a separate landing there he must be referring to the half company of the 1st RDF who landed at ‘The Camber’ which is right underneath that village and today is its harbour.

Best regards

Michael D.R.

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