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Question about possible units


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This is a very long shot (and i'm not sure if i'm asking in the right section) but does anyone know of a British Army batt. that would have served (purely on the Western Front) at Yorkshire Trench, near Essex Farm the Beaumont Hamel/ Hawthorn Ridge area of the Somme twice in 1916, possibly Hill 62, I'm researching this for a friend but i can't find one that fits all the locations. The soldier may not have served at the places in the order i have put them Its possible that they also had people in the Christmas Truce, and later, in 1917, service in the Tynecot area.

Any ideas would be much appreciated

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Welcome to the forum

What's the evidence for the various locations? The Xmas Truce evidence would probably be most helpful as there were only a limited number of units in the area of Ploegsteert.

Does the soldier have a name? This may be a more fruitful route for research than a speculative unit. And, in this, I suggest you have a read of the research pages of the Long Long Trail (link top left of this page)

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