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Platoon/Company Commander level books


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Hello all,

I am looking to buy a book that focuses on the life of a british officer typically commanding a platoon or company. I have found a book by Richard Van Emden which I have ordered but cannot seem to find any other memoirs.

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"A Subalten on the Somme" by Max Plowman/Mark Seven(original pseudonym) is a short but I thought pretty good read.

Perhaps most famously Edmund Blunden's "Undertones of War" or Sassoon's "Memoires of an Infantry Officer"?


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'Some Desperate Glory' Edwin Campion Vaughan

'Stand To' F C Hitchcock

'Twelve Days' S Rogerson

Three that are worth a read

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Last man standing by norman Collins or poor bloody infantry by Bernard MArtin

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A Generation Missing ,C.Carstairs

The Weary Road, C.Douie

Nothing of Importance, B.Adams

A Passionate Prodigality, G.Chapman

A Subaltern's War , C.Edmonds

A Life Apart ,A.Thomas

Hell on Earth,C.V Burder

An Infant in Arms, G.H Greenwell

And All For What ? D.W.J Cuddeford

From the Somme to the Armistice, Stormont Gibbs

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Thanks all. I have made a list of all these books and will slowly start collecting them one by one. Really looking forward to some reading. Just had the Norman Collins book pop though the door.

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