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MIC for Grandfather transferring from KEH to RE 1915

Guest janhart

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Guest janhart


I hope someone can help me interpret my Grandfather's MIC, which I have downloaded from Ancestry.

My Grandfather was an Australian citizen who left Sydney in 1914 to join his mother who had recently moved to Northern Ireland. He had studied medicine in Sydney. I mention these facts in case they may be relevant to his enlistment.

A newspaper printed one of my grandfather's letters to his mother: it is dated about 3 June [1915] in which he refers to K.E.H. A.S. and says "...we shifted again last night, but not into the trenches only to new billets on a new part of the line......" He was not killed in action but survived the ward, returned to N. Ireland and lived until the 1960s.

The MIC is the only record I can find for him but I cannot make any sense of the information contained on it.

He appears to have the same Regimental no. for KEH and RE - is this likely?

Is anyone able to help me understand the information on this record?

I would be really grateful - I have looked up so many websites with a view to researching this for myself, but I am at a loss so I turn to the experts!

HIs letter is most interesting as it refers to "Silent Sue" a big gun in his unit. I would be more than happy to provide a copy of the text for anyone who would like to read it.

Thanking you in anticipation

Jan Hart


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He was commissioned as an officer of the Royal Engineers on 25 October 1917. That is why he has no second number (officers did not have them) and why you will not find his service record online.

His service record is held at the National Archives in London, where it is known by reference number WO 339/94540. See also http://www.1914-1918.net/soldiers/officersrecord.html

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Guest janhart

Hi Chris

My gosh, that was quick! Thank you so much.

This obviously explains why I wasn't getting anywhere.

I will go back to NA and see what I can unearth there.

Much appreciated


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