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Accuracy of Burial Coordinates


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Hello All,

Just looking at a few coordinates with cross references to war diaries and I am finidng a pattern that for example states an individual was buried in a specific place (In this place Kiboko Wood which is now Bois Marc in Biaches, near Peronne) And the map reference states the actual burial as being further away near La Maisonette.

Wondered if anyone could expalin this to me.

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Micha, the map references refers to the original grave location before the body was exhumed and reinterred into the cemetery (post Armistice)


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Bear in mind also the coordinates defines (the corner of) a square area, not a single point. This is described as a note at th ebottom of the coordinate converter page I linked you to in another thread.

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I found this coordinator very useful (took me a while to figure out not to use spaces) but I had originally found a point where he was buried originally using the war diaries and other material and when I found the coordinates I hope it would provide me with the evidence. Altough the grave is situated in the same area it is away from where I originally put it (Its in a field rather than the small copse of Kiboko wood) Very interesting though.

It also seems that I have struck a dead end with Henry Nichols original service number (in regards to getting a rough date that he joined). It was 20731 on the burial records and was (due to the territorial renumbering 242557)

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