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15th Siege Battery 9th April 1918

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Does anyone have access to the war diaries of the 70th Brigade, HAG, WO95/323 ?

I would like to know if there is anything recorded about the action of the 15th SB on 9th April 1918.

I found a brief report in the war diary of XI Corps, WO95/888 but only realised when I got

back from the PRO that there was a spearate war diary for 70th Brigade HAG.

I am visiting a daughter of one of the gunners from 15th SB at the end of next week and I

don't have an opportunity to go back to Kew before then. She is very keen to know

what her father and his fellow 15th SB comrades were doing on 9/4/18 and if anyone has any

information from WO95/323 that I can pass on to her then I would be very grateful.

Thanks, Elizabeth

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Elizabeth a summary:

Enemy commenced heavy bombardment at 4.15am. All batteries subjected to shelling with gas and HE until about 1.30pm. Portuguese troops began to fall back in disorder at about 8.00am. Batteries were kept in action until enemy was within 300 yards of positions. Then the positions were held by Rifle and Lewis Guns.(The guns were put out of action).

15 SB recorded list of casualties in 70 Bde WD were: 2 ORs killed, one Officer and 5 OR’s wounded, one Officer and 16 OR’s missing. Early on the 10th they drew two new Guns from workshops and carried into action at R.13d, later the enemy having reached Lestrem, 15 SB retired to Q22b (Sheet 36A)



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