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Remembered Today:

Lieut. John Ismay Atkinson, 13th Bn North'd Fusiliers

Old Owl

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Remembering today Lieutenant John Ismay Atkinson, 13th Bn Northumberland Fusiliers. Educated at Christ's Hospital, 1901-1910, at Tonbridge School, 1910-1911, and at the Ecole de Commerce, Lausanne.

On 28th June,1916, officers were sent out to inspect the wire infront of Fricourt. Lieut. Atkinson was one of the officers selected for this dangerous and responsible task. Whilst examining the wire a Very light went up and a burst of machine-gun fire showed that they had been seen, continuous heavy fire made it impossible for his men to go to his rescue and they had to retire. With information given by a sergeant who was with Lieut Atkinson, the Colonel and another officer, at great risk, managed to reach a position from where they could search the ground with their glasses. They could distinctly see Lieut Atkinson lying right up against the German wire, but whether he was still alive they could not tell. When a party of volunteers when out to try and rescue him, they could find no trace of him, but discovered that the wire had been hand-cut just infront of where he had fallen. It was long hoped that news of his being alive would ultimately be received, but eventually it had to be presumed that he either succumbed to his wounds on 29th June, or subsequently died as a prisoner in German hands. Age 21.

He had previously been wounded at Hill 70, near Loos, on 26th September,1915.

RIP :poppy: :poppy:

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