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William Frederick Morris - died 1915?


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I have just found the Army Service Record of my Great-Great Uncle, William Frederick Morris from 1903-1906.

He was born in Hammersmith, London in 1886 (but was brought up in Kent), to William Austin Morris and Alice Katherine Smith.

He enlisted into the Royal Regiment Artillery + Royal Field Artillery,

On the last page, there is a note to say he died on 31st July 1915 at the Battle of the Somme, and is buried in Quarry Cemetery, France.

Firstly, the Somme was 1916.

I have searched the CWGC website, and can't find a match.

The closest is Battery Sergeant Major William Frederick Morris, Royal Field Artillery who died on 30th July 1916 and is buried in Quarry, France.

However, it states he was the husband of Lilian Winifred Morris of Dundalk.

I haven't found a marriage for him, and also can't find him in the 1911 census.

I haven't found a link to Dundalk.

Can anybody tell me if this is the right soldier, and if not can you find the correct one.

Just to make it more difficult, he was actually born Frederick William Austin Morris, but seems to have used William Frederick Morris.




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Where did you get the Service Papers? This is obviously not a contemporary note and someone appears to have added it later. What service number is on his papers?

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William Frederick Austin Morris Army Service Record 5.jpg

Was this in his service record? It is strange that he is not referred to by name , rank and number.

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Soldiers Died describes him as follows:

Name: William Frederick Morris
Birth Place: Shoreditch, E.
Death Date: 30 Jul 1916
Death Place: France and Flanders
Enlistment Place: Chatham
Rank: B.S.M.
Regiment: Royal Horse Artillery and Royal Field Artillery
Regimental Number: 48288
Type of Casualty: Killed in action
The Chatham link seems interesting bearing in mind that the Hammersmith born man was living in Gillingham in 1901. Of course, Shoreditch and Hammersmith are opposite sides of London!
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Have you checked both Quarry Cemeteries in France?

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Having trouble finding the service papers if some kind soul could link them for me please

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I found the service records on find my past.

There are 5 pages in total, and the page I have attached is page 5.

Bear in mind these service records are for 1903-1906 only.

His number is 32454.

To find him he is listed in the search page as William Frederick Morris born Hammersmith 1885.



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Man on FMP transferred to Reserve in late 1906 and then did not front up in 1907.

I do note he enlisted at Chatham in 1903, which matches the SDGW information.


Tim D

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