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7th infantry / S.A.M.C.C Trio


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I have just brought my first South African WW1 medals, a trio awarded to the 7th Infantry then S.A.M.C.C

I at this stage don't know too much about SA Units and have also noticed they don't seem to carry a service number on the medals. I take it SA troops had service numbers, by are curious to why they aren't stamped on the medals. Also can you research SA medals and if so how





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i know nothing about medals.

However, I see the name on the side is Skinner.

I have just spent Friday in Pretoria in the archives and am hoping to go again in the next couple of weeks. Please post the full initials - I will look up Skinner in the SAMCC. It is an area of interest for me - the SAMCC I mean - and I can post the details for you.

I dont really remember how to do emails etc on the Forum. I can scan his card and email it to you.


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