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Medal Roll look-up required please - 16th Northumberland Fusiliers


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Dear All,

I am in need of some help regarding 40409 Private Frederick Albert Long who was killed in action with the 16th Btn of the Northumberland Fusiliers on 2nd December 1917.

With no surviving service record that I can see, and an undated MIC, I believe he was not an original member of the battalion. There is also no entitlement to a 14-15 Star so I am theorising that he did not land in France until 1916 at the very earliest.

Does anyone have his details from the medal rolls which would provide me with his date of entry?

I will admit that I have not yet got around to chasing a date for his service number, but I will be having a crack at that in due course.

Any help would be truly appreciated.

Warmest regards,


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I can't help with the NF roll but I think it is highly unlikely there will be a date of entry. For ORs, there are 4 separate medal rolls - 14 Star, 14-15 Star, BWM/VM and TF War Medal rolls. The dates seen on MICS usually come from the Star rolls as they included the date of entry for proof of qualification. SOME of the TFWM rolls have a date of entry post 1.1.16 but I haven't seen a BWM/VM roll which includes dates of entry. for that time.

Of course, I am now likely to be proved wrong as there is nearly always an exceptiopn to the rule (and I hope I am wrong in this case)


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Hi Glen,

You may well be right, I can not say that I have vast experience with medal rolls. I had just assumed that they would give date of entry as proof of qualification. Thanks for your reply, I am learning - slowly!



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