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Rouen "POW October 15th 1916" Locket

Mike Cross

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There is apparently a 'Charity Medal for POW Rouen 15th October 1916' issued as a fundraiser; this is not that medal but appears to be a locket with a card insert marked 'Journee des Prisonniers' with the same date and detail as the medal. On the reverse of the card is the city crest. The strange thing about this is that inside the supposedly French locket are 20+ circular photos of German military personnel - two are shown here.

I am working through some recently discovered material brought home by a soldier who served with the RMA.

Any ldeas ?



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To add a little to the mystery of this locket it was brought back and stored in this round 'box', around the size of the make-up compact that my mother always kept in her handbag. The inscription and illustration appears to commemorate the Battle of Sempach in 1386. It is made of a material reminiscent of bakelite but has no maker's mark or other indication of origin.

The battle proved to be a victory for the Swiss over the Austrians and the 'Capelle' in the illustration is a chapel used thereafter to mark the victory.



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