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2nd Bn. Notts & Derbys - March 1918

Ken Lees

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Does anyone have access to the War Diary for the 2nd Bn. Notts & Derbys for March, 1918, please?

I am trying to find out what they were doing and where they were when the German offensive began on 21st and for the subsequent few days.

I have just downloaded their War Diary from TNA only to find it has been chopped into small portions at £3.30 a piece. And then I find that it has been mis-labeled and the file described as covering that period doesn't. I have also wasted another £3.30 (x2) trying to get the right sections of the diary and failing.

What little hair I have left has been forcibly removed in my frustration.

Any help would be appreciated and would lower my blood pressure.


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