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12th DLI and baliff wood

kevin donaldson

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Hello folks, I am busy putting together the actions of my great uncle ( I have had posted this a few years ago, but cant find the original post ), his name was John Donaldson, a sergeant in the 12th DLI, I am lucky his service history has survived, and I also have a copy of the units war diary.

The diary indicates when John was killed in action, on 7/6/1916, his unit was attacking Baliff wood, just before the town on Contalmasion.

What I am after if anybody has any trench maps from that time, and also what German units the 12th DLI were attacking, from memory im sure the Germans called the wood 'Hunters Lodge' but cant be sure.

Any info relating to the actions would be gratefully appreciated.

Thanks again


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Thanks Mick, that's one of the threads, there was also one more which gave a large detailed account of the germans in the wood.

Thanks again for your help


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