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Conscription Age 1917-18


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My uncle - William Knowles - was born early 1900 in Alston, Lancs. I know he was in the Loyal North Lancs Regt because I have a photo with this cap badge though I can't establish whether his regimental number is 40332 or 21565 or 16144, Does the number sequencing suggest that as a young recruit, it was likely to be 40332?

When could he could have enlisted at the earliest?

Anecdotally, I believe he was in Ireland.

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If in Ireland would not be a conscript but a volunteer even post 1916. Due to the situation in Ireland, conscription was not in place.

Conscription is diffrent to enlistment. If a volunteer, he could of lied about his age to join up, so could of joined in 1916 as a 16 year old.

In regards to regimental numbering, I don't have a clue but other members do.

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