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Remembered Today:

The Kohima Epitaph - John Maxwell Edmonds


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I know the epitaph is usually used in connection with WW2 but I hadnt realised that it dated back to the Great War period. A bit of Googling tells me that it was written by John Maxwell Edmonds as one of around a dozen epitaphs he wrote in 1919/20.

Does anyone know if the others found a home in the public conscience or were they just not that memorable? I'm presuming the latter.

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Well, thanks, John, you learn something new every day!

I had always assumed it had been composed for the Kohima commemoration.

Wiki says he also translated ancient Greek epigrams into epitaphs.

"Went the Day Well" is also one of his WW1 epitaphs, better known in WW2 for the film.

Originally it seems it was composed by Simonides of Ceos for the Fallen at Thermopylae.


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