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Ellis Williams

megans grandad

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In my research about 'fallen' from this village (Llansanffraid Glan Conwy) , I have been asked if I can ascertain anything more about Ellis Williams.

Ellis was born 23 December 1898 to P.C. David Williams and Harriet Williams (nee Jones) in Chirk Police Station. Living in Glan Conwy, North Wales, again at the police station, at the time in 1915 (but possibly 1914) he enlisted in what was thought to be 19th Battalion of RWF. No certainty here although the Roll of Service in the local Church suggests as such.

Records would indicate his regimental number was possibly 92116.

I understand the 19th were known as the 'Bantams' on account of the height and statue issue on earlier enlistments. Ellis was thought to be 6' in stature however this wouldn't rule him out joining the Battalion.

I should add there were apparently two Ellis Williams in this village who joined up. Not sure about the other who is also thought to have survived.

Again according to the family, Ellis may have perhaps 'liberal' in his birth date for enlistment but the dates given here are known to be true.

Further family facts suggest he might have been sent to Ireland to train and then onto to somewhere in France. Luckily he survived the war and continued to serve until 1920. Thereafter for what it is worth he apparently joined the British Legion in 1928.

Medals index suggests :- War Medal 1914-20 and Victory Medal 1914-19.

Can anyone throw any light on his theatres of war or any other detail? The family are interested in where in France, if in fact that was the case he may have served, or indeed any other historical facts.

An early photograph of Ellis in uniform is attached. Not sure if it is in fact attached.

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Hi MG,

Others will be along in a moment I'm sure, but in the meantime I can tell you that the actual RWF medal roll confirms a 92116 Ellis Williams RWF with the two medals, but gives no battalion he might have served with.

The photo isn't attached.


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I haven't picked up anything that may identify Ellis Williams, Police Station. His brother William Williams was 12344 in 8th RWF and was wounded April/May 1916 (12345 in 8th RWF was another Glan Conway man John Richard Roberts of Ysgoldy. Both enlisted 26th Aug 1914)

I cannot add further to 92116 Ellis Williams other than to say that he would have enlisted/called up around June 1918. As Clive says the medal Rolls do not show a battalion. This is true of a number of men around him. One explanation for this may be that although they had gone to France (and therefore 'earned' the medals) they had not been allocated to a Battalion from the Infantry Base Depot before hostilities ceased. My notes also show that the majority of men around this number were enlisted/called up via 3rd Bn. That Battalion was in Ireland at that time but they trained and fed men to the battalions overseas. e.g they sent 240 men out on 1 11 1918. If this is your Ellis Williams might there be some mix up in the family lore re enlistment dates with his brother William? (Which records possibly link 92116 to the Ellis Williams you seek?)

I have an Elias Williams 28882 who was in 19th RWF. When they were disbanded in Feb 1918 he was attached to Hawke Bn, RND and was taken PoW around Sept 1918. Casualty lists give his Next of Kin placename as Conway and Glan Conway. I put him in 1919 to Edenleigh, Wern Crescent, Mochdre. He would have enlisted Apr 1915.

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Thank you for the information. I will revert to the family.
One further question, I thought I had attached the photograph on the first submission. Can you enlighten me as to how to do it at this stage.

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In the "Reply to this topic" box that you are familiar with, click on the "More reply options" box.

Click on "Choose file" box, then "Attach this file" (maximum file size is 250 kb)

Then use your cursor to indicate where you want the image (ie below your message) - and then click the "Add to post" box.

Finally click the "Preview post" box to see if you like the look of what you have done, before adding your reply.


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megans grandad has asked me to compress her photo for her and add it here (it can be a tricky process until you have done a few!)



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Well, the cap badge certainly suggest RWF. Is there any doubt whether he is Ellis or William? Hopefully one of our uniform experts can give an opinion on the uniform. i.e is it a 1914 one or later on in the war one.


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The family confirm this is Ellis.

The dilemma is when did he join up and where did he go. The family again mentioned 'young lads' being sent to Ireland to train before being allocated to a Battalion. From your vast experience was this the case? My limited knowledge suggests they joined a battalion and some were then sent to Ireland.

Finally 'the uniform experts'. Does this become the subject of a different thread or will it be picked up 'internally' within the Forum?

Thanks in anticipation.

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