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Guest tflake

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Guest tflake

New to this forum but have been researching my grandfather's part in WW1 for some time.

Is it possible to discover where a member of the ASC served by his company?

I have my grandfather (Frederick Goodenough)'s army records from Kew including two casualty forms, which seem the most informative.

He enlisted at Reading in January 1915 and was sent to Woolwich in 128 company with regimental number TS1826. I understand he was posted to Galipolli where he was wounded and invalided to England June 1915.

At some stage "128 Coy" has been crosssed through and replaced by what looks like "2nd Coy att No 3 Coy RNS"

There is a second casualty form on which is typed:

"Ed. Qr. Company 56th. Divisional Train.

Embarked Southampton 7.2.16

Disembarked Havre 8.2.16"

He was discharged at Etaples April 1919

Any information or help appreciated


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Formed September 1914. Served as 12 Reserve Park. Did not proceed to France but was later converted into 19 Auxiliary HT Company and sent to Salonika.

I think this was a Horse Transport Co. His TS prefix would also suggest that.

If you go to Long Long Trail, top right of page ,click on regiments then Army Supply Corps you will find lots of info .

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The 56th Divisional Train went abroad on 7/2/16 and he would have presumably served the rest of the war with them. The war diary can be downloaded for about £3.50 from here Divisional Train (213, 214, 215, 216 Companies A.S.C.)

There's plenty of information to be found on this unit within.

Kind regards


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Thank you so much both for your useful replies. I would never have associated 213, 214, 215, 216 Companies A.S.C. with 56th Divisional Train.

Plenty of summer reading!


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