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George William Alexander Wood (59678) 40th Brigade RFA


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I've been doing some family research and have found out that my Grandfather who I never met won the MM during WW1, I would like to know what he was awarded this medal for?

Would there have been a citation stating why he was awarded this medal? If anyone could help I'd be very grateful.


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The last time you were asking, G.W.A. Wood was your husbands grandfather!


Your best bet for a Military Medal citation is usually the local newspapers, if you try and find the London Gazette date and go back 3 months and search from there you might be lucky.


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Click on "Go to Browse"in green box on the right. You will then get the four segments of the War Diary which are downloadable. Click on "Details" for each item and you will get a screen where you can pay to download if you wish to see his war,and maybe his MM citation. Saves a few train fares !

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