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Remembered Today:

Jakob Feuchtwanger, Bayer. Res. Inf. Regt. Nr. 12 "Neu Ulm"


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Hi all,

Just to keep life interesting, in researching Jakob Feuchtwanger number 1, I came across the records of Jakob Feuchtwanger #2, born 5 Feb 1892 in Munich. He was the son of Angelo Feuchtwanger and Friederike nee Spitzer. I thought I had downloaded his records earlier this evening but due to a technical hiccup, I only got snippets instead of full pages. He appears to have served in the following units, based on my file names:

Bayer. Reserve Infanterie Regiment Nr. 12 "Neu Ulm"

Bayer. Reserve-Infanterie-Regiment No. 1 (München) Ersatz-Bataillon

General Kommando 1 Bayer Reserve Korps

I was able to connect him to the other Feuchtwangers thanks to the incredible database built and maintained by Georg Stockschlaeder.


More details to follow, once I have re-acquired his records and had a chance to look them over.

Geez, when it rains, it pours!


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I stand corrected! The records are for a THIRD Jakob Feuchtwanger, son of Lothar and Anna (nee Lehmann) Feuchtwanger! This Jakob (born 5 Feb 1892) survived the war and died and was buried in 1958 in London, England.

Jakob #2 was born 18 Oct 1892 and HE was the son of Angelo Feuchtwanger and Friederike nee Spitzer, not the other guy. So, there's that.



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