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The Vanishing Vickers


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Bear with me whilst I bore you with an anecdote, in the 60's I worked for an engineering company in Lancashire. We had a fabrication shop in Bolton a few miles away. On one occasion I took a customer to view a piece of equipment in build, on the way back we passed an elderly man pushing a handcart,

amazingly on the cart was a rusting Vickers .303 machine gun lying on its side complete with tripod. A few hundred yards down the road was a general scrap yard, so I assumed that was where he was headed. Other duties kept me busy for the next couple of days, but on my next visit to Lever Street I called into the yard. The people there, who I knew as we sometimes sourced bronze bar from them, denied all knowledge of the Vickers. I kept a look out for that elderly gent throughout that Summer and onwards, but never saw him again. I have always wondered, where he found it and what happened to it?


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Probably a superannuated angel from Mons fallen on hard times

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