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Rules and Regulations followed in the assessments of potential recruit


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Hi All,

A question that's been bugging me (although I'm presuming there's a fairly simple answer which hopefully someone can provide.)

Basically,I'm looking for what rules and regulations were followed in assessing whether a recruit was suitable for the British Army at the START of the war. Plenty of studies appear to mention what was to be prohibited (e.g. physical attributes) but I'm looking for the actual primary source that was followed for further personal archival research.

In particular, I'm interested in things such as criminal records, medical histories, references to previous service in the British Army etc.

Any advice would be warmly appreciated.


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Hello MJ ROB

At that time there was no facility for checking medical, criminal or previous service records. The man had to answer questions at attestation and if he gave false answers he could be charged with an offence under the Army Act.


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