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Hospital mystery

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This ornate certificate was received in Okehampton, Devon in October 1920. It was sent as a public thankyou for the providing of a temporary hospital in the town, and was accompanied by a smaller certificate which reads:

"This Certificate is presented by the Army Council, as a permanent record of their thanks, to be placed in the building which has been known and used as The Okehampton Anciliary [these three words handwritten] Hospital for British sick and wounded during the Great War 1914-1919.

[signed] Winston Churchill

The War Office, London, October 1920."

The location of the building in question is unknown. There was no hospital as such in Okehampton at the time, though it is known that many large houses and estates were commandeered by the War Office for use as temporary hospitals.

A local Okehampton historian has asked me to ask if any forum members can throw any light on the mystery of this building, which obviously contributed to the war effort.



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Okehampton Red Cross VAD Hospital was located at Dartmoor House, Belstone near Okehampton.

There was also a hospital in Okehampton Artillery Camp which during the war was operated as a VAD Hospital.


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Thank you very much indeed Dave. I'll pass this on, and I'm sure the local historian will be delighted.

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