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Baron and Versigny, Oise, France - September 1914 - Centenary


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Good evening,

We are looking to celebrate the centenary of a number of British soldiers who died liberating our local village, Baron in Oise, France, - this took place during a few short days during the Battle of the Marne in September 1914. We are looking at a service in the local church, a discussion and a reception.

We would be interested in talking to any descendants of those men who can give us more information and/or would like to attend. If you know anybody in the families concerned then please get in touch.

The current list that I have is as follows.

Corporal 33114 Taylor F S Royal Horse Artillery 08/09/1914 Gunner 64153 Marsh E T Royal Horse Artillery 03/09/1914 Driver 68417 Tester F P Royal Horse Artillery 08/09/1914 Gunner 67611 Gidney C A Royal Horse Artillery 08/09/1914 Serjeant 5596 Bull Weeden Charles Royal Horse Artillery 08/09/1914 Lieutenant Woolmer White Lynton King's Dragoon Guards 03/09/1914 Lieutenant Mundy L F H Royal Horse Artillery 03/09/1914 Lieutenant Voltelin Heath Percy Royal Horse Guards 04/09/1914 Private 3514 Farmer A Queen's Bays 01/09/1914 Private 4941 Norton W Queen's Bays 01/09/1914 Private 7859 Parkho G H Queen's Bays 01/09/1914 Private 5438 Richards H F Queen's Bays 01/09/1914 Private 4205 Collins H J Queen's Bays 01/09/1914 Private 780 Comerford Herbert Queen's Bays 01/09/1914

I would also be very grateful to hear if anybody who works for those Regiments today (even if they were subsequently merged) to contact me if they could also participate.

Feel free to email me directly or post here if you have any helpful information or you would like to attend.


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