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Headstamp - translation please


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Hi Centurion,

it's indeed German, and by the looks of it, it's a 77 x 230 mm case for the common 7,7 cm Feldkanone 96 n/A.

Made in february of 1917

"G" = manufacturer of the case => W.M.F. in Geislingen

HL25 = acceptance stamp

25 = lot number

St = The "St" means "Stark" (reinforced) in German. The original cases for the standard German fieldgun which was introduced in 1896 were 100 mm high. These guns had separate loaded ammunition. The new version of this fieldgun which came out in 1905/1906 used cartridges. This new cartridge had a case which was 230 mm long. The Germans had a lot of the old cases which they lengthened (sp?) to this new dimension. These cases had a thin wall because of this (weight of the cases was similar). When they started producing cases for the new version of the fieldgun they marked then with "St" to distinquish them from the "old" cases which were "stretched out".

Regards Arjen

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Thanks for this - it's now become a piece of trench art - becoming a British service cap - I suppise you could say a Brass Hat!

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