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Camp at Stourbridge?


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Hi folks,

Attached image is taken from the Scottish death register: the death occured on 13 April 1917 at 18 Westgate, Friokheim, which I assume was the family address; father of the deceased infant was Lance Corporal Charles Withington, 329 Coy (or 321, it's not clear) Royal Defence Corps.

I'm trying to establish where L/Cpl Withington was stationed at the time. To my eyes it looks like Hagley, Stourbridge, though I could be wrong and I can't make out the name of the camp.

Does anyone recognise the name of the camp, or can anyone tell what it says?


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Isn't Stourbridge in the Midlands, eg River Stour through Cradley??


I am a little way off, Stourbridge is in or part of Dudley,West Midlands, there is an area there Treherns Fields which I believe was formerly Treherns Farm, a long shot it may have been the sight of Trehearns Camp??


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According to Google Maps there is a Hagley two or three miles south of Stourbridge. Not sure if that helps?

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Thanks for the replies, chaps! Trehearns Camp looks like it might be right, so I'm happy to go with that. I'll see if I can find out any more...

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