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No. 1 Platoon, 1st Camaronian Scottish Rifles


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Good Afternoon all,

from a Friend of mine's Grandfather's personal diary that he kept has two place names that can not be identified due to the handwriting or spelling. I have highlighted below in bold italics if anyone has an idea.

"No. 1 Platoon, 1st Camaronian Scottish Rifles

From there we started the advance. The next was the battle Battle of the Asine which was a terrible battle but well fought by the British troops. We was taken from there through Soissons (where the big battle is at present with the French) to a little place called Le Bat##### where we had to dig trenches under very heavy shell and rifle fire losing a great lot of our men. In them trenches we remained for 24 days which has the record up till lately without a wash or even a bit of straw for a bed. In them trenches the Huns made an attack every night which was cruel but they never broke through our lines once. We were relieved by the Queen’s Own Regiment who in 2 weeks time after our departure let the Huns take their trenches. After leaving those trenches we only had 2 days rest and was sent to relieve the Royal Irish Rifles at Houplines, a place just outside Armentieires.
When we took over those trenches it was just like being at home. There was little huts and straw to lie on which we found very comfortable. Well, we remained in these trenches for 18 days then got relieved for 8 days to get a change of clothes and a bath – the first in the country. We then went back to the trenches for another 18 days and after that we were relieved and went to some trenches in a place called Bay######. These trenches, when we first took them were up to the waist in water. We got this cleared and made them as comfortable as possible which was well done. So well that the General Commanding 19th Infantry Brigade said that they were a marvel of industry. "
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Do you have approximate dates for the diary entry - should make identification of the places a little bit easier.

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Hi barrieduncan,

the first paragraph refers to the first battle of the Aisine 12–15 September and they cam through Sossions.

The second one is probably around the week of the 11th of October through to the end of the month.



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