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Hello Gongs experts.

I have a rating who I am not too sure would have been awarded a WW1 service medal(s)

Name HOBBS Henry Thomas Blackwell. His ADM service record gives ;

Impregnable Boy 11 05 July 1917

Impregnable Boy 1 08 Dec 1917

Valiant Boy 1 28 May 1918

Valiant O.Sea 12 Oct 1918

Service then continues to 01.01.29 when record is transferred.

Question(s) ;

Would he have been awarded Gongs for service as a `Boy' during 1917/18 if so which ?

Also if he did get award what do / did they look like (Pics please).

Anything further on Hobbs would be most appreciated.


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Robert / Horry.

Many thanks for the info, and especially for the pics.

Can now inform relation of Hobbs living in Canada.

Shall now have to look for pics of the ships he served in to try to find pic of him. Even if I find pic of crew of (say) Valiant I would still not be able to identify him, as I believe there is no known pic of him.

Ah well, one must try these things.

Thanks again and anything further on him much appreciated.


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