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German flak shell?


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I'm getting lost with this one, what manner of weapon fired these?

37mm, dated Aug 1918, Spandau inspection marks and K15 across the top.

Other features, brass cartridge, steel shell with flattened point, copper drive band.

I'm guessing flak/anti-balloon, but would appreciate a steer please?

Also, a view on value. I may be able to buy this from a family friend and want to see them good.

Thank you in advance.



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The Germans used a variety of 37mm weapons, including Maxim, Hotchkiss revolving cannon etc.

What is the length of the cartridge case on your example please?



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your case is for the 3,7 cm Sockelflak L/14.5... see this http://www.landships.info/landships/artillery_articles.html# link for more information about the cannon.

The cases for the various "Revolver-Kanone" and "Maschinen-Kanone" were 37 x 94R mm, the Sockelflak used a 37 x 101SR mm case.

Regards Arjen

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