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Cemetery on the Californie Plateau, Near Craonne, Chemin des Dames


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I have found an old postcard that shows a large cemetery on the Californie Plateau near Craonne (Chemin des Dames) just after the war.

This is not there now. Just wondering if anyone may know what happened to this, possibly in the 1920s? I wonder why it was removed?

I guess most of the graves would have been french, but a number of British soldiers also fought and died here in May 1918,


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Is it possible that this wartime cemetery was replaced by the Craonnelle French National Cemetery after the war?..this is when this cemetery was created on what is now the D18.Further on, the D18 meets the D 892 (Chemin des Dames) on which the Basque memorial is situated.on higher ground.

The Craonnelle French National Cemetery is constructed on the side of a steep hill.I remember about 20 years ago, seeing the French grave crosses and the few British tombstones being resecured in rows of concrete fillets when restoration was taking place.

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I think this is highly likely- or perhaps the French Natuonal Cemetery at Cerny en Laonnois.

But why did the French authorities decide to abandon the plateau? This is now woodland, I imagine it was in the Red Zone and never likely to be turned over to agriculture.

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