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Prompted by the acquisition of a particularly scarce volume, I've started reading some Tank Corps memoirs but can't find any kind of bibliography of what's available. I'm not looking for general histories here but more personal accounts by men who served in the Corps. I've tried looking in the Forum's dank cellars but have only emerged covered in dust so far. Looking around my shelves I can only find the following 8 books so any suggestions for further reading would be much appreciated. So far I've got :-

Browne - Tanks in Action

Foot - Three Lives

Hickey - Rolling into Action

Jenkin - A Tank Driver's Experiences

Macintosh - Men & Tanks

Tank Major - Tank Tales

Mitchell - Tank Warfare

Watson - A Company of Tanks

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Richard (Dick) Haigh's Life in a Tank is an early book; Dick was Willie Watson's second in command and it is interesting to compare their descriptions of common time and place.

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Thanks so much Stephen. Your excellent website and the links contained therein should provide plenty of new material to keep me quite for some time. I remember the Haigh now. I saw a copy years ago but failed to buy it. Won't make that mistake again.

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"Beyond the Green Fields" by Richard Pullen gives the personal account of 6 tankmen.

There are also some great audio recordings at the IWM.

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