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Who is recommended for renovating original wood school memorials


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I am not sure if this subject has cropped before, but Temple Grove Schools Trust looks after the memorabilia of the former school of that name.

This includes a wooden Memorial Board with some 68 names recorded who fell in the Great War.

Sadly, the paint has become considerably distressed over the years (see image!) and we wish to renovate and display the Board.

I wonder if any Forum Members can recommend an individual or firm which could take this on? Ideally in the South of England!

Many thanks



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I would contact a local art gallery or museum to see if they can recommend a conservator experienced in this sort of renovation.

To be frank, the last thing you want to do is to take the advice of folk like us, who you do not know, nor know how good our recommendations might be.

Actually looks in pretty good nick to me.

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Try the Conservation Register run by the Institute of Conservation http://www.conservationregister.com/ - if you can't find what you want by searching, I'm sure they'll be willing to advise via the "Contact us" button.

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Dear John and SeaJane,

Many thanks for your prompt and very helpful replies.

John - yes, it is in good nick all things considered (it seems to have been against a damp wall for some years) - we will need to consider the costs that will be entailed ..............

best wishes


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