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Photo Quiz,all invited.

Graham Smith

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All the above photos have just been found by a friend of mine....He states they come from his father-in-laws photograph collection, but no living relatives have any idea of who they show or the regiments involved.

Top piccy seems to be South Staffs man.

Any ideas on the other images?

Friend is doing his best to obtain any further info to assist.

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I'd say 1st, 2nd and 4th pictures are all South Staffordshire Regiment and feature the same man, on his own in #1 and #2 and seated third from left, second row on #4.

Third picture, cap badges are indistinct but I think it's a Territorial unit as it appears that a number of them are wearing the "Imperial Service" badge.


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Cheers for the input so far...........Friend believes that the surname of the mystery man is Harris....Nothing more re area/home town as yet but he's still digging.

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So a little more info gleaned from my mates family.

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