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Remembered Today:

Sutton Bonington POW Escape 24th September 1917

John Beech

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Evening All

I have been reading up about Korvettenkapitan von Muller of the SMS Emden, who was captured in November 1914 after the Emden ran aground off the Cocos Islands on 9th November. Korvettenkapitan von Muller was the only member of the Emden crew who was held POW in Britain. On 24th September 1917 he led an escape from the POW camp at Sutton Bonington in Nottinghamshire. Altogether twenty two men escaped including von. Muller, but they were all recaptured within a week. Does anyone know the names of the other escapers? There is a copy of a warning notice available on the internet, but the print is quite small and it doesn't name all the escapees, naming only eleven. Some of those named are:

Carl Koch
Wilhelm Loewe
Hans Stolemann

Any help would be appreciated

Thank you in anticipation


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The Times of September 26, 1917 p3 lists 22 names, with reports of re-captures on September 29 and October 1.

The newspaper's archive is available on-line on subscription only, so I'm not sure that I can legally give direct links. And I accessed the articles using my local library membership number, so any links probably wouldn't work anyway.

Many local libraries subscribe to the archive.

BTW, The Times refers to Sutton Bonnington - four "n's" in the second word.


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Many thanks for your reply. As it happens, a friend of a friend has the same on-line subscription and has sent me a copy of the articles. Many thanks for taking the time to reply



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