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New Book On British Aircraft Carriers - Special


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One of my books for myself over Christmas has arrived its:

British Aircraft Carriers: Design, Development & Service Histories by David Hobbs ISBN 978-1848321380

Amazon Link here http://www.amazon.co.uk/British-Aircraft-Carriers-Development-Histories/dp/1848321384

A quick review:

It's a large format book which cover British aircraft Carriers including the new Queen Elizabeth Class, the author is a respected author on carrier aviation.

There are 48 page covering the GW chapter titles are:

  1. Admiralty interest in Aviation 1908-1911
  2. Early ships trails and demonstrations
  3. Seaplane carriers
  4. Furious and Vindictive
  5. Argus

Each chapter has a technical history followed by individual ships history.

I don't know enough about GW aircraft carrier development to comment on the content, but the WWII content is excellent. The seaplane chapter looks really interesting.

I have yet to compare is side by side with Friedmans' 1998 classic work but this might replace it.

The book is printed on clean white paper, 3 columns of text per page with large number of black and white photos and plans.

It cost me £27.90 - a real bargain for such a quality item

Any questions?

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