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I havent really checked the site as well as i should of, but, its late, im tired, ive jsut joined up etc etc etc.

Has nayone had any experience of researching soldiers in the Machine Gun Corps? As i understand the MGC was then split into companys to be attached to divisions / regiments? How do you find out what company a particular soldier served in? Any heap would be greatly appreciated.



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Guest Ian Bowbrick


There are several issues to researching soldiers of the MGC which make it one of the harder Units to investigate:

1. The MGC BWM/Victory medal rolls do not indicate the individual MGC Coys/Bns that a soldier served with.

2. During the 1930s the wooden hut that the individual service records of MGC soldiers were being stored in at the time was burnt down.

3. Further destruction of individual service records during the Blitz and subsequent fire at Arnside Street.

Saying that however you can find individual service records and there are one or two researchers and several more medal collectors who have their own databases of MGC men. I would recommed that you contact Phil (staffsyeoman on the forum).

Happy hunting,


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Welcome. I'm trying to pin down men from a particular MGC unit. Do you have a name and anything else we could go on, like a number or something. You never know.

I'd agree with Ian, try Jim Parker too.


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Result today: i found his original cap badge (i.e. the one he brought back from the war) has turned up as the property of one of my cousins. I cant get it to put it with his medals though.

Anyway anyone know what happened to wound stripes? did they go back with the uniform?



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