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Northumberland Fusilers Sword Guard Badges


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Over the last year I have acquired four officers' sword to the 5th. What is interesting is the fact that the badges discriminate between the regular battalions of the Regiment and its TF/Service units.

I enclose three photos in chronological order of the swords and one about to join shortly.


This sword was made in 14 March 1900 for Major (later Brigadier) JF Riddell) 2nd and 3rd Battalions NF who lead his Northumbrian Brigade and was killed at 2nd Ypres in April 1915. Note the 'V' at the bottom of the grenade denoting the 5th.


This sword belonged to Lt. Colonel AB Gracie, 6th NF. You will note the absence of the 'V'. I suppose the regular battalions of the Regiment were jealous of their old number.


This last one belonged to Lt. Colonel TM Scanlon MC and Bar, 24th Tyneside Irish. Note the absence as well.

These swords cover three reigns:VR/ERVIII/GRV

Any thoughts from our NF experts? :closedeyes:

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As the young in America say, "OK......."

Considering that a previous thread discussing the respective lengths of an officer's glengarry tails against the regulations received10 replies plus, surely this thread could evoke at least one answer??

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I have to own up to knowing nothing about the Northumberland Fusiliers, however, as a sword collector, I can appreciate a fine sword with an excellent pedigree, as all your posted examples would appear to be.

Always keen to learn, I am looking for the ' V ' you refer to, and cannot see it clearly ? In the QV sword photo, is there a large capital ' V ' immediately below the base of the grenade.

Also, if there was this unwillingness to share the ' V ' is it reflected in other insignia i.e. cap badges etc.

Finally, I can see QV, EV11 ? and KGV, is there a sword for EVIII, if so that is extremely rare given his very short reign. If it is there, could you post a clear photo of the EVIII Royal Cypher.



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  • 1 year later...

i'm sorry to have come back to my own discussion very late, but I am now able to say that I now own Colonel's Scanlan's sword which shows it without a 'V'. However, Scanlan unlike Gracie served in a Service battalion (but later came back to the 1st Battalion as a regular officer in the inter-war period) but his St. George Horse's head, like Riddell's horse is facing to the right.

Very curious......

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I have no expertise to offer, but feel I should add, 'nice collection of swords'


Many thanks Khaki! :)

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