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10th Btn. Notts & Derby. May 1917


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Can someone give me any idea where the 10th Btn Notts & Deby regiment where on 18th May 1917, as I have a relative killed on this date serving with this regiment.

Many thanks

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On the 14th May 1917 the 10th Battalion received orders to relieve the 10th West Yorks (50th Brigade) in Cuba Trench, the support Company "B" Company was in Chili trench situated in the habitable parts of the trench between the junction of Chili and Halcyon. The other trenches nearer the front line had been destroyed by shell-fire. "D" Company remained in reserve at Lemon Trench.

On the 16th May the enemy attacked on our right at dawn but there was no change on our front. A counter attack however on our right drove him back to his original line. A report that the enemy were in Clyde Trench being received, our "B" Company proceeded to bomb down Chili Trench. However only one wounded prisoner was found in Clyde.

18th May early in the morning an enemy aeroplane flying low over our trenches was fired at by our Lewis Guns and rifle fire and was brought down and fell just over the parapet, the pilot and observer were taken prisoner. The pilot could talk a little English and both could speak French very well. On the night 18th/19th "C" Company was relieved on the left in the line by "B" Company on relief "C" Company took over support in Chili Trench, we spent the next days in these trenches until relieved by the 10th West Yorks marching back to St Nicholas Camp situated near a candle factory. BRONNO.


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From the 10th Bn book -' The 17th Division took over a front extending from immediately south of Gravelle to a point about 200 yards north of the Arras - Vitry Railway on May 10th'

The 10th bn moved to a deep railway cutting in Arras - Lens railway, north of Arras.

Steve M

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