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Commemoration stained glass window.


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I am an art student so I thought it would be nice to do something for the centenary in my village so I wrote a letter to my Parish council asking if we could have a stained glass window dedicated to the men of West Row who went off to war. I was just wondering is there any associations that fund that kind of stuff, because it will not be cheap.



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Hi Ellen

What a wonderful idea and well done on getting the ball rolling.

I have no experience of what you are trying to do but my first thought would be the Heritage Lottery Fund. I've seen other threads about getting funding from them so a search for "HLF" might give some clues. If/when the Parish council agree, then the hard work starts as you'll probably need a committee to manage it and plan the way the approach to HLF is written etc.

Let us know what the PC says.


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Thank you very much, that is a huge help. Fingers crossed they say yes and I have also said that we should have church services or something on specific days, Im not Christian but I thought that in our village so many of the younger folk don't have a clue. Im talking like a granny, Im only 16 myself. Haha :)

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