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Lyndon Hughes

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Hello, Firstly let me say I am a "newbie" to the Great War Forum and hope I am in the correct section of the forum. Can someone can point me in the right direction. I am researching my grandfather who served in the 7DG in WW1, I have a reasonable amount of information but don't know how to find out which particular Squadron he served in, assuming of course that normally a trooper would remain in the same squadron.

I hope ultimately to also understand how he came to join the 7DG as I am fairly sure he joined after they arrived from India.

many thanks


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Lyndon: there is a history of the 7th DG, but although a very nice little book it has very little personal detail of other ranks. The regimental museum is in York (the 7th are now part of the Royal Dragoon Guards), so a Google will put you in touch. Be aware, however, that they may also not have muvh and may have to charge for research.

If you post your man's name as well here it might prompt something.

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Hi Steven, thank you. I note your comments on the book which I have and the Museum which I have visited.

My Grandfathers name was Patrick McDonald, Regt No: D/22665.

Couple of questions on the medal card :

1. It has a "Date of entry therein" of 18-2-15, so I assume that is his enlistment date?

2. It indicates "Corps of Dns" (presumably Corps of Dragoons) in addition to 7 D Gds - is this of any significance?

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Date of entry is the date he arrived in (I assume) France, so he was a wartime enlistment, probably.

Corps of Dragoons refers to the fact he enlisted not into the 7th DG, but into the Corps of Dragoons, who supplied men to all Heavy Cavalry (of the Line). There was also a Corps of Hussars and a Corps of Lancers. Enlistment into the cavalry was not into a specific regiment, but into the Corps (does that make sense?).

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