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Remembered Today:

A few Swansea airmen...any info?


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Writing up fairly brief accounts of the following Swansea airmen:

Allan Harold Bates - KIA 13 April 1917; shot down by the Red Baron.

John Lawrence Hughes - KIA 1 October 1917; came down while returning from a mission.

Thomas Llewelyn Davies - KIA (accident) 16 September 1918.

I have seen some mention of 2 LtBates on here.

I wonder if anyone has any detailed accounts of the incidents that caused the deaths, please? I have photos of Bates and Hughes but not Davies.

An TNA download of a 'operation book' for 25 Squadron covered the Great War in 2 lines and then went on in much more detail up to 1940! I have complained to the NA!

Thanks for any help.


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There are a whole bunch of 25 Sqn WWI files in AIR 1 for the period 1915 to 1918. They include Record books, Officers next of kin particulars, Mosaic photograph, Combats in the air, Recommendations, honours and awards. I suspect these are the files you need.

In my experience the AIR 27 files don't contain much WWI data.


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There is a Service Record at TNA for Bates, A H reference AIR 76/27/124


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There's an account of 2Lt Bates' end in 'Under the Guns of the Red Baron' by Franks, Giblin and McCreery.

Lt J L Hughes was killed along with his pilot, 2Lt C O Rayner, in DH4 A7405 of No 25 Sqn on 2 October 1917. The aeroplane crashed and was wrecked near Burbure, probably shot down, but by whom is not clear.

Major T L Davies was killed, together with his pilot, Capt W E Dawson, while flying RE8 D4746 of the Artillery and Infantry Co-Operation School on 16 September 1918.

I hope this is useful.


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In case it's of use:

AIR 1/690/21/20/25 History of 25 Squadron 01Jan15 to 31Dec36

AIR 27/305/1 25 Sqn ORB Summary of Events 01Sep15 to 28Feb40

AIR 27/305 No. 25 Sqn ORB 01Sep15 to 31Dec42

AIR 1/138/15/40/277 RFC Station, Montrose - formation of 25 Squadron 31Aug15 to 08Nov15

AIR 1/1221/204/5/2634 25 Sqn Combat reports 01Feb16 to 30Nov18

AIR 1/1382/204/24/19 25 Sqn Officers next of kin particulars 01Aug15 to 31Mar18

AIR 1/1379/204/24/8 25 Sqn Officers next of kin particulars etc 01Nov16 to 30Nov16

AIR 1/1379/204/24/9 25 Sqn Record book 01/04/1917 to 30/04/1917

AIR 1/1383/204/24/20 25 Sqn Mosaic photograph 01/07/1917 to 30/09/1917

AIR 1/1379/204/24/4 25 Sqn Record book 01/06/1916 to 30/06/1916

AIR 1/1379/204/24/2 25 Sqn Record book 01/12/1916 to 31/12/1916

AIR 1/1382/204/24/18 25 Sqn Combats in the air 01/01/1918 to 30/11/1918

AIR 1/1381/204/24/11 25 Sqn Record book 01/08/1917 to 31/08/1917

AIR 1/1382/204/24/17 25 Sqn Combats in the air 01/01/1917 to 31/12/1917

AIR 1/1379/204/24/3 25 Sqn Record book 01/05/1916 to 31/05/1916

AIR 1/1379/204/24/7 25 Sqn Record book 01/10/1916 to 31/10/1916

AIR 1/1381/204/24/15 25 Sqn Daily routine orders 01/10/1918 to 30/06/1919

AIR 1/1381/204/24/13 25 Sqn Recommendations, honours and awards 01/01/1917 to 30/09/1918

AIR 1/1379/204/24/10 25 Sqn Daily routine orders. 01/10/1915 to 31/01/1916

AIR 1/1379/204/24/5 25 Sqn Record book 01/07/1916 to 31/07/1916

AIR 1/1382/204/24/16 25 Sqn Combats in the air 01/03/1916 to 31/12/1916

AIR 1/1381/204/24/12 25 Sqn Record book 01/10/1917 to 31/10/1917

AIR 1/1379/204/24/1 25 Sqn Record book 01/04/1916 to 30/04/1916

AIR 1/1379/204/24/6 25 Sqn Record book 01/09/1916 to 30/09/1916

AIR 1/1531/204/76/3 9 Wing RFC History data: 25 and 49 Squadrons 01/11/1917 to 30/11/1918

AIR 1/1291/204/11/86 HQ Adm Wing RFC Formation and moves 6 and 25 Sqns 01Jul15 to 30Sep17

AIR 1/955/204/5/1032 Bomb dropping reports (includes 25 Sqn) 01/05/1918 to 30/06/1918


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Thanks for the info, all.

Gareth - I'll be in touch via the good offices of our mutual pal!

Duncan - Well! When I searched for 25 Squadron I only got 3 results! I shall have a look though if they are not digitised I'll be stuck...

Andrew - thanks for that, I'll check it out.


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