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9th Div Engineers


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I have a LH AIF soldier whos record shows he was attach to the 9 Div Engineers 17-9-15 and returned 17-10-15 at Anzac.

Now I am unsure what he was doing or what the 9th Div Eng is?

I was aware there was a lot of soldiers attached for mining work during this time but I am no closer to what the 9 Engineers were?

The records don't say if this was a RE or a RAE unit?

The AIF soldier is;

RIGBY John Robert 518 Pte 05 LHR C Sqn Tos 7-15 att 9th Div Engineers 9-15 rtn 10-15 (G) disch 9-8-16 MU knee injury

Any ideas


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if it was the 9th (Scottish) Division, they were in France during the dates quoted. The only other likely British Division would have been the 29th Division, who were at Gallipoli. This would mean that there was an an error in his record of course, and that is assuming it referred to a British formation.


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Agreed the 9th Div was not at Gallipoli, I had thought the 9th Div may refer to the 9 FCE but the aussie 9 FCE was not formed at that time,

The 2nd Aussie Div had just arrived on Anzac in Aug 1915 (5 ,6 and 7 FCE's) along with the other British Divs at Suvla was there a 9th Field Engineer Co amung there units?


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