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16th Welsh City of Cardiff Battalion


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I have been reading a booklet on The Welch Regiment by Mike Chappell published in 1989. In it it's stated that the 16th Welsh (City of Cardiff Battalion) was the only battalion to wear 'Welch' brass shoulder titles during the Great War. Is this correct?

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As far as I know Welsh was the post 1921 spelling but I remember seeing a Service dress tunic at Firing Line with Welch Shoulder titles and I think it had Cardiff collar dogs, there were two tunics in the cabinet so I might be mixing them up but one was certainly Cardiff. Might be worth popping into Firing Line and have a look (hope you've got one of those passes for free entry to the Castle as the Castle entry prices are extortionate)

Sorry I can't be more helpful, it has been a while since I volunteered there.


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Yes 16th had WELSH capbagde, the city arms collar tags and WELCH shoulder titles. Shoulder titles provided by Col Gaskell the CO. Not sure what would happned with resupply, if lost!

Officers did not wear Ciry arms collar dogs.

EDIT for spelling

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