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Harry Dickinson, 2/5th SS. Killed in Ireland, Medal entitlement?


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I'm interested in Pte. 1608 Harry Dickinson of the 2/5th South Staffs, 'died' in Ireland 12th May 1916. In fact the only 2/5 SS man to lose his life in Ireland in 1916.

I can't find his Medal Index Card, and the thought struck me that as this was the Irish Rebellion, Ireland was still part of the UK and would this count as Home Service and therefore no entitlement to Medals, and hence no MIC?

If so that sounds rather unfair, it's not like spending 4 years in the cookhouse at Aldershot, he was in harm's way.

Can anyone confirm the medal position please.

SDGW shows him as 'Died' normally meaning illness/accident, but I noticed that all the 2/6 SS men in Ireland are also recorded as 'Died'



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If he served only in the UK then he wouldn't have a medal entitlement (with perhaps only or two specific circumstances, i believe).


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I agree, if he only served in Ireland, which seems to be the case, then he will have no entitlement to any campaign medals, however, his NOK would have received the Memorial Plaque and Memorial Scroll.

Hope this helps.


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