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Mercantile Marine Reserve MIC Query


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I was wondering if anybody on here might be able to advise me as regards the following query please?

I have an ancestor who according to records served with the Mercantile Marine Reserve during the First World War.

Having acquired a copy of his Medal Card from within the National Archive’s ADM 171 repository, it seems that within the ‘No.’ column, some men, mine included, have their discharge number stated whereas other have a ship’s name against theirs.

Is it simply the case that those with a ship’s name against their name were still in service at the time the medals were issued and the discharge number was written next to those who had left the Mercantile Marine Reserve at this time?

This is my first venturing into the naval records so any clarification would be much appreciated thanks.


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I believe that the Discharge number that you see is the Continuous Certificate of Discharge number that was on every seaman's "logbook",his record of service,his service number. I have a series of these books which belonged to my wife's Uncle and the same number follows them through their service and was entered on very Ship Crew Agreement for voyages undertaken,after pay-off from which a character reference was given.

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