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Trench maps HQ plouvain


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I have my grandfathers Trench maps . I know he was in the somme but Im not sure where the maps were from I have HQ plouvain wrote on dated september 1917.

I also have another map Fampoux it has his writing on and written is HQ Chili avenue.

If anyone can give me any information much appreciated. He was a captain in 2nd Batallion Gordon Highlanders if thats any help.

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The term 'trench map' on this forum generally refers to the areas on the western front where the British Army fought, although all armies had their own maps.

Yours will have printed on it Map 51b and covers the Arras area. A full index of coverage is provided by McMaster University and the attached image shows the trench maps that cover much of France / Flanders.


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