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What unit is this mounted soldier in?


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I'd appreciate any help to identify the unit of the soldier in the photograph. The information below may help:

  • The soldier is my grandfather, Leslie Graham Collier. He lived in Harborne, Birmingham.
  • His medal card says he served in the Army Service Corps (Regimental number T/822) and the Corps of Hussars (Regimental number 305955).
  • He did not qualify for the 1914-15 Star so presumably joined in 1916 or later.
  • My father tells me that Leslie Graham Collier served in Mesopotamia. The only Hussars regiments which served in Mesopotamia were the 7th, 13th and 14th Hussars
  • The Absent Voters Registers of 1918 and 1919 show him as a Private in the 2nd Reserve Cavalry Regiment.
  • The 7th Hussars is the only regiment which served in Mesopotamia and which was reinforced by troops from the 2nd Reserve Cavalry Regiment
  • His regimental number 305955 was allocated to the Suffolk Yeomanry which did not serve in Mesopotamia but did service in Egypt.

Any help would be most appreciated



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It might not work, but can you close-up on the cap badge?

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Steven and Sepoy

Attached is a blow up of the cap badge - ths is the best quality I can provide.'

Does the saddle, bridle, swagger stick, spurs or other gear provide any clues?




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Blurred, but looking good for ASC to me.

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