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Alfred Greetham, RFA, regimental number 240301


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I am looking for information on my grandfather Alfred Greetham, RFA, regimental number 240301. I understand there may be members of this Forum who might be able to suggest the likely route taken by someone with that number. [likely date of enlistment - which depot - reserve brigade etc and whether there were any batches of men posted on together. I would be very interested to know.

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One can only guess his likely route as the numbers were handed out on first arrival at a depot or training centre. After suitable training he could have been posted anywhere depending where there was a vacancy. The regimental number alone is not enough particularly if, as in this case, it is from the regular series. I can only tell that the number was given on, or just after, May 24, 1917 at No.1 Depot RFA, Newcastle. Surviving records of men with nearby numbers suggest a batch were posted to 4B Reserve Brigade at Boyton, Wiltshire on June 1, 1917 arriving there the following day. Those that remained in Newcastle were posted to 1A Reserve Brigade for training. After this the usual route was a posting to an overseas Base Depot from which they could be posted to any number of units.

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Thank you for your reply. Very interesting. Do you know if there are any surviving photographs of No1 Depot RFA, Newcastle, 4B Reserve Brigade at Boynton or 1A Reserve Brigade, Newcastle? I am interested in the buildings etc more so than the men.

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